My Clients


“In January 2019 I completed my first marathon!  I had run the City of Oaks half marathon in November 2018 (in 2 hours) and felt like I could do more.  I've always thought a marathon was far beyond my ability, but I used the marathon training plan that Lou Ann at Off to Run provided.  It was a plan I could follow, and since it came from Lou Ann, I trusted that it would work for me.  I completed the marathon in 4 hours 11 minutes - faster than I expected.  I'm not sure what my next race will be, but I am looking forward to running with the Off to Run group again in the spring."

Kathy McDowell

"Joining Off to Run was the best decision I ever made.  I stayed injury free and increased my mileage.  Running with Lou Ann and the teammates was so much fun, I finally started to truly enjoy running.  My goal was to run a half marathon in under 2 hours when I joined Off to Run in March, 2018.  Within less than a month, I ran the Rock N' Roll Raleigh Half in 2:04:54.  I took 10 minutes off my usual time!  I continued training with Off to Run through the summer and fall and ran the Ocean Isle Half Marathon in October 2018 in 1:55:27 winning my age group.  I was overjoyed with the result and could not thank Lou Ann or all the runners from Off to Run enough. The Off to Run group truly gives me the joy of running.  I am looking forward to training with Off to Run in the spring."

Yu Takeuchi

"I recently ran the Oak Island Marathon with a time of 3:48:46-taking 24 minutes off my marathon personal record!  At this race I came in 30th overall, 6th overall female, and 1st in my age group.  

I started running half marathons in November of 2016 and I haven't slowed down since!  To date I have run 14 half marathons and two full marathons.  My ultimate goal is to qualify to run the Boston Marathon in 2020.  Working with Lou Ann helped me focus on my goals and training, allowing me to stay injury free despite the high mileage of marathon training.  This ultimately paid off with my latest PR!  The Hotshot that Lou Ann recommended came in SO HANDY!  I felt myself starting to cramp, so I took it, and I was great for the rest of the race.  And the small adjustments that Lou Ann made to my running form has made a WORLD of difference, especially when running on hills!"  I am currently working on speed training, with the goal of cutting more time off my marathon when I run the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon in VA Beach in March.  After that I am taking Lou Ann's advice and focusing my training on running a half marathon in 1:45 (8 minute pace) with the goal of being able to build up to run a full marathon with a time of 3:30. I plan to compete in the Rock N' Roll Raleigh half marathon as well as the Race 13.1 Raleigh half marathon this spring."

Lindsay Spears

"I struggled with depression for several years.  After focusing on my mental and emotional health for about 18 months, I was ready to improve my physical health.  I always wanted to be a runner but was afraid I would injure myself.  The Off to Run Raleigh running group provides the structure I need to stay on track.  But more importantly, it has boosted my confidence.  Now I believe I can achieve goals I never could have imagined possible.  Everyone is so friendly and supportive!  Off to Run has changed my life!"


"I've attempted a marathon twice before, the first time I got hurt and needed surgery the second time I fell apart mentally and had it in my head I couldn't finish. My confidence was at rock bottom and I stopped running. I got depressed and gained weight.   My cousins contacted me about a half marathon in my hometown, Manchester, NH and I knew it was time to stop feeling sorry for myself. I wanted to run and feel good about myself. I came across Lou Ann's site and sent her off an email. She got back to me promptly and we decided to meet at Starbucks face to face. We discussed my goals and she set me up with a plan. I felt great during training and Lou Ann was there every step of the way checking in with me and cheering me on. I happily crossed the finish line more motivated than ever.

In February, I found out I got into the NYC Marathon thru the lottery and I was shocked. I NEVER in a million years thought I would get in and I was terrified.  Could I really go through all the training? Could I finally finish and finally call myself a marathoner? Lou Ann was fantastic because she had run NYC herself so she had the knowledge to guide me and give me advice about what to expect from the course. When I got injured she suggested an orthopedic, when I wanted nutrition information, she directed me to a fantastic nutritionist. She had my back 100%.

With Lou Ann's help and experience, I finished the NYC marathon with a smile on my face. I truly appreciate everything she has done for me. "

Jen Haught 

"I started running with Off To Run in June 2014.  At 53 years old, I had never run before, so I really wasn’t sure what to expect or if I’d even be able to do it at all.  With Lou Ann’s support and encouragement, not to mention her excellent coaching program, I was able to complete my first 10K – at a personal best pace, I might add – in February 2015.  I’m now working towards my first ½ Marathon – something I would never have thought I’d do before I joined Off To Run.  Lou Ann has a great approach to coaching; there’s never any pressure or bullying, only encouragement and positivity.  She is extremely knowledgeable, not just about running but about overall fitness, diet and nutrition, and injury prevention, and all of us in her group benefit from that knowledge.  Lou Ann’s group sessions attract runners of all levels and ability, and it is further testament to her skill as a coach that so many of us are “repeat customers” who will gladly follow her anywhere!"

Elizabeth B.

"I began exercising in the spring of 2014 for the first time since high school, some twenty years earlier, and soon developed a goal of running a 5K event. Having a lot of basic questions (how often should I run, strength exercises, diet, stretching, etc.) and feeling a bit overwhelmed with my new goal, I quickly realized I needed some help ... a coach. I discovered Off to Run and Lou Ann invited / encouraged me to sign up for her Lake Lynn running group. Her approachable style and positive demeanor was exactly what I needed. After completing the 8 week course I ran a couple of 5K's; realizing my initial goal! Since then I have continued to work with Lou Ann through her online coaching and have, with her guidance, now competed in three 5K's, one 10K, and in March 2015 a half-marathon in under 2 hours! I set out searching for some simple answers with a little structure and encouragement. I found, not only a great coach, but a running mentor. I look forward to continuing my work with Lou Ann as I pursue a lifetime of fitness."

John Mc

"I went from being able to run 4 minutes to 4 miles without stopping!  I've lost weight and I've now run several half marathons.  I would highly recommend Off to Run Personal Training."
Tracey M. 

"I took 2 Lake Lynn running sessions with Lou Ann to help prepare me for my first half marathon on 12/7/13.  Lou Ann emphasized injury-free running, technique, nutrition, pacing and smart running frequency.  Without even requesting it, Lou Ann made me a half marathon training plan outlining each week of training.  I was motivated by her completion of the NYC Marathon, her personal discipline and healthy, modest habits. By following her plan and using her race day tips and gaining confidence through her encouragement, I was able to complete the half marathon 10 minutes under my goal in 1:57:17.  I will definitely sign up for her classes again.  Aside from my personal benefits, I saw how Lou Ann cared for and encouraged others.  She took an interest in each participant, their goals and any special needs or concerns they had.  She made an effort to stay in touch with participants during the 8 weeks and spend one-on-one time with each runner at any pace that was right for them.  She is an ambassador for healthy running.  Lou Ann is a qualified business person, as well as a trainer, and operates in a very professional manner.  She takes her work seriously which motivates her trainees to give their best effort."

Sarah Reeves

"I have worked with Lou Ann for several years as she has started her career as a personal trainer and running coach.  She has an unequaled passion for helping people attain their fitness goals.  She is extremely personable, trustworthy and punctual.  I highly recommend her to clients who are just starting to run or those looking to run in a healthier, more efficient manner.  As a massage therapist who works with many athletes suffering from over-training or improper gait patterns I am extremely pleased with Lou Ann's drive for continued study of the most current information for runners.  She makes my job easier by reducing the probability of injury by teaching people to train properly.  She is also an excellent athlete herself, having run several marathons!  So take your training from someone who as been there and learned not only from study, but from personal experience as well." 

Heather Hager (A Touch Above Massage Therapy)

"Lou Ann was really great to work with.  Even though I was nervous at first, she put me at ease because she was easy to talk to.  She started off easy with me by going my pace, pushing me a little harder when we both thought I was ready.  I had a lot of fun training with her and she helped me succeed in making my school's track team.  She's the best!"

Danielle (8th Grade)

"I ran the City of Oaks Half Marathon this past weekend and felt great!  My time was 1:40:39 and I felt no pain during or after the run which I am really happy about.  After we met I visited Impact Orthopaedics like you recommended and my x-rays came back negative for stress fracture so that was a relief.  I have been following your tips and perused the literature you gave me and the issues I had been having eventually dissipated.  Thank you for your help and I will certainly keep you in mind should I need some more help or a training plan.  You definitely helped me accomplish my goal!!"


"2 years ago I set a goal to run a 5k.  I had never run more than 1 mile in my entire life.   I decided I needed to make a change and to begin working to accomplish my goal but I had no idea where to start.  I contacted Lou Ann and my life has changed.  I've gone from barely being able to run 1 minute to running 5 miles solid.    Unfortunately due to my job I don’t actually get to meet up with her for running sessions but through her online coaching I’ve successfully been training and am well on my way to running my first half marathon in Feb. 2013!! I would highly recommend Off to Run Personal training for live personal training or for online guidance." 

Lendy J.

"Thanks SOOOOO much for all the coaching you did over the past 13 weeks.  Taking this class was one of the best gifts I could have ever given myself, and the fact that my daughter did it with me was just a bonus.  One of the biggest impressions she had was that people actually enjoyed running (contrary to what she hears from her peers at cross country practice).  I was excited for her to see the positive elements of running.  And Lou Ann, she said you were so positive and encouraging all the time, it was just a great experience.  I am grateful that I discovered the class, and grateful, Lou Ann, that you are such a kind person, that knows how to motivate, how to push and how to make me believe I can actually do more than I think I am able to do.  What a gift you have given me!"

Brenda N.

"Lou Ann is a great resource for new and experienced runners...she helped me and my daughter get started on our journey toward marathoning.  She is very knowledgeable re: technique, training and nutrition.  She helped me run (2) 1/2 marathons and (1) full marathon in my 1st year!"

Dr. Steven Kagan